Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Christmas in Australia

I'd never questioned the Australian Christmas in depth before my trip abroad this year. It was oddly a hot topic amongst the Brits (and Americans) I met. They seemed incredulous to believe that Christmas could be anything but the cold, snowy version they grew up with. One girl even said we should just 'move' Christmas to our Australian winter.

Thinking about it, Christmas here is a weird amalgamation of English and European traditions and imaginings that we have somehow passed off as normal. It's not unusual to have a roast on Christmas day despite the fact it's boiling outside. Christmas cards and wrapping paper show depictions of snow, mistletoe, holly, the north pole, fireplaces. The store I work at even sells packets of fake snow. It almost seems ridiculous to be pushing something that is unachievable and unrealistic. When I was younger I wished for nothing more than to experience a white Christmas. I felt I was missing out on an experience that was apparently so intrinsic to the 'true' festive experience.

I've since grown to love Christmas in Australia. I'll admit, it can get unbearably hot, but I'm not about to trade the wearing of sundresses, gorging on fresh cherries and mangoes, afternoon swims in the pool and balmy evenings on the beach for anything else. Christmas here is pretty sweet.

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