Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Wonderful Wednesday 08

Much like last week, I have had another full week at work and I am simply relishing in the thought of having two days off on Christmas and Boxing Day (which I wasn't expecting at all!). As I mentioned in my last Wonderful Wednesday post, I wasn't feeling all that chirpy, but things perked up for the better by the end of the week.

Here are some Wonderful things from a Wonderful Week

A very appreciative customer. An old lady came up to me at work the other day and asked in broken English if I spoke Spanish. I replied that I understood a little Italian, having studied it at High School. She then proceeded to say that she was looking for a specific product. It took a bit of time to understand what she was after, as my Italian is very very rusty. I could gather bits and pieces of information, but struggled with replying to her in Italian. In the end, we understood each other enough and I was able to help her. Her immense appreciation warmed my heart so much and made my entire day.

A surprise gift. My work gave each employee a gift voucher for the store as a Christmas gift. Working at Kikki-K, I always have my eye on so many products. It was nice to be able to justify two purchases as a little gift to me from me.

Catching up with family. I finally found a time that suited both my brother and myself to catch up. Despite still not seeing his travel photos, it was so nice to spend time with him, my mum and sister, as it always is.

Seeing La La Land. A friend of mine was determined that we go see the advanced screening before he left to go overseas for two weeks, and I was only too happy to oblige! Oh my goodness, this film is absolutely gorgeous and has had me listening to the soundtrack all week! Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling are obvious faves, but together, they are a perfect on screen couple with fantastic chemistry. This movie will have you wishing you could dance and sing in the streets and will inspire you to continue pursuing your dreams.

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