Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Wonderful Wednesday 06

The Christmas fever has definitely begun as work has been getting busier. I'm surprised I'm still sane after listening to Carols on loop for more than a month and the thought that I still have a good three weeks of it to go isn't exactly exhilarating. None the less, I have been happier than ever as my evenings and days off have been spent doing some wonderful things with wonderful friends.

A gallery and coffee date with one of my oldest friends to celebrate her 22nd birthday. I kind of like how birthdays are a lot more toned down now that we're older. I prefer having a casual catch up so I can actually give more time and attention to the people I love on their special day.

Pecha Kucha, ramen lab and creme brulee in that order and on the one night. For those not aware, Pecha Kucha is an initiative that takes place worldwide. It essentially sees people make presentations with the accompaniment of 20 slides, with each slide lasting 20 seconds. Anyone is able to put their hand up to present before the event takes place, and this allows for such a diverse range of presenters to have their voices, ideas and stories heard; whether they be business people, architects or artists. After the event, my friends and I went to a new ramen place called Ramen Lab, where we feasted on some of the most artistic ramen I've ever seen. We ended the night at a French restaurant which was probably far too pricey for our budgets, but as we just got dessert, we felt it was justifiable.

Cold evening in Fremantle I caught up with some other old friends on Friday in Fremantle. It has been uncharacteristically chilly in the evenings, so we were all rugged up. We spent the evening along the shipping docks and on the cafe strip catching up.

Fancy fries and an evening at the moonlight cinema A new fish and chips place popped up in Northbridge recently and my foodaholic friends and I were eager to check it out. Despite paying $15 for cone of chips (it was very large to be fair), they were the most decadent we've ever had, with lashings of mayo and a modest sprinkling of truffle on top. That evening called for more apparent decadence as I went to the outdoor theatre to watch Bridget Jones' Baby with a picnic consisting brie, crackers and nutella hot chocolate. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie too!

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