Monday, December 5, 2016

Youtube Channels to Watch

Confession: I'm a bit of a Youtube binger. But who can blame me when there are so many inspiring channels to pick and choose from?

I've got to say, my feed has never looked better as I have been discovering a whole bounty of amazing ladies lately. I always wait in anticipation for their next upload and drop everything once I spy a new video in my subscription box.

I thought I would share my top 5 faves of the moment (but there are certainly more!). You can tell that these Youtubers work so hard at what they do and they deserve all the exposure that they can get.

I'm always on the lookout for more channels to follow, despite the fact I already spend a good chunk of my free and not so free time on Youtube, so if you have any recommendations send them my way!

Channel: Lucy Moon
Watch for: Lifestyle, advice, fashion, social commentary
Favourite videos: Cruelty Free Skincare | What I've Found So FarHow to Lose Your Virginity, I Am Not a Millennial, Lucy Moon's London | My Favourite Places, Pretty much all her 168 Hours vids. if I'm gonna be real.
What I love about her: Lucy is one multi-talented, self-aware and intelligent gal. Her channel strikes the perfect balance between providing 'care-free' entertainment (think monthly favourites, music recommendations, travel vlogs etc) and social commentary/advice about difficult topics. She is approachable, says what she feels and produces content she is passionate about. I have to say that she is one of my biggest girl crushes and the kind of person I would love to talk with for hours on end over bottomless cups of peppermint tea.

Channel: justkissmyfrog
Watch for: Books, lifestyle, social commentary, advice
Favourite videos: Youtube Is Dead | A Slam Poem, We Are British | A Poem, Alternative Small Talk, Practical Tips for Loving Your Body, HOW CRUEL IS MY MAKEUP BAG
What I love about her: Leena is the kind of woman I wish I could be more like. She is feisty, refreshingly outspoken, exuberant and unafraid to speak her mind. She produces such interesting content and really makes me second guess things I wouldn't otherwise be aware of or allocate attention to. She's also enviably articulate, creative and one helluva spoken word poet (I have SO much love for Alternative Small Talk). Indeed, her spoken word videos are my personal favourites of hers. Her channel is a treasure trove just waiting to be explored and you'll walk away all the richer.

Channel: Jessbeautician
Watch for: Food and beauty
Favourite videos: ALL her what I Eat in a Day related videos. Hit 'em up!
What I love about her: For starters, Jess is just so sweet, making her videos such a delight to watch.  While her channel is a mix of beauty and food, it's her food related videos that I devour. She is a vegan and creates some of the most inventive plant-based meals I have ever come across. As a vegetarian myself, her recipes inspire me be more creative in the kitchen. She proves that there are no restrictions or lack of variety in a veggie diet if you're willing to put time and energy into creating wholesome meals from scratch. I really appreciate the time and effort she puts into her videos; over June and November, she filmed 'What I Eat in a Day' videos every day/every second day and I always learnt something new.

Channel: sunbeamsjess (and extrasunbeamsjess)
Watch for: Lifestyle, books, fashion, beauty, student life
Favourite videos: Back to Uni Lyst Lookbook, UNI ROOM TOUR 2016, SEPTEMBER AND OCTOBER BOOKS, Vlogmas.
What I love about her: I have to say right off the bat that Jess' voice is so calming and therapeutic. More often than not, I watch her videos in the evening as I've found it to be the perfect way to calm down. Aside from this, there are a number of reasons why I love Jess (of course!). Her style is so unique and while I don't share the same taste in fashion, her lookbooks always blow me away. She is also so well spoken and intelligent: despite not labeling herself as a 'booktuber', her book reviews are probably the most insightful I have come across thus far. Finally, she is my favourite vlogger. I discovered her last year while still at Uni and her commitment to her studies and practical advice throughout her monthly vlogs boosted my motivation. Even now, as a graduate, I still find her vlogs motivational!

Channel: What Olivia Did

Watch for: Fashion, beauty, lifestyle
Favourite videos: My Record Collection Part 1, My Record Collection Part 2, 48 Hours in Venice, New York Hidden Gems, OCTOBER FAVOURITES
What I love about her: As a long time reader of her blog of the same name, I've always got the impression that Liv is one of the most kind hearted people out there and her content is always creative and feel-good to boot! This extends to her youtube channel which is filled with all kinds of lovely things such as lookbooks, travel vlogs and my personal favourite, record collection videos. Liv's taste across the spectrum of fashion, lifestyle and music is top notch and I can't think of anyone who wouldn't love her sweet demeanor and positive vibes.

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