Sunday, December 11, 2016

A Peek inside my Diary

Written on a day when my wanderlusting heart felt particularly heavy but hopeful for all the 'what ifs?' I had swirling around in my head.

I want to...
be a tumbleweed at Shakespeare and Co. or an au paire in Paris. walk the boroughs of New York and the streets of Quebec. teach english in Italy. take a cycling tour to the gardens of Monet. eat porridge in Copenhagen and drink coffee in Amsterdam. sketch the portraits at the National Portrait Gallery. take a florist course in Perth. write in a Moleskin journal in a cosy cafe on a rainy day in Paris, London and Melbourne. go to a musical festival in Budapest. drink wine on the U-Bahn in Berlin. learn Dutch, learn Swedish, better my Italian and French. take an art course in Tuscany. go to a tulip field in the Netherlands. see the northern lights. show a tourist around my town. attend a Dine With in a foreign city. dance along the Seine in the spring. 
I want to never stop dreaming. I want to never stop seeking possibilities.

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