Tuesday, December 13, 2016

5 Tips to Motivate Reading

Sometimes it feels like life is a constant juggling act and it can so hard to find a happy balance. For me, this precarious balance is between working, day to day errands and finding time to do things I enjoy. One of my favourite past times is reading, but it seems I go through cycles in which I'm either getting through novel after novel at full speed ahead or barely picking up a book at all. The past two months have been the former.

I would really like to strike a balance in my reading habits because it's not only an outlet I enjoy, but one that can make me feel a sense of achievement.

If you're like me and experience occasional slumps in reading, or would just like to read more, I compiled 5 Tips to Motivate Reading.

1. Compile a list of 'to-reads' I've never known a reading slump that can't be fixed with a good 'ol browse on Goodreads and consequent 'to-read' compilation. Once you discover just how many amazing and promising titles there are, you'll be itching to get reading again!
2. Watch some Booktubers Energy and enthusiasm is infectious. There's nothing I love more than hearing and watching people get excited about their latest read. At the moment, I have really been enjoying Booksandquill's videos, Sunbeamsjess' monthly book reviews and the Banging Book Club collab. videos by Lucy, Hannah and Leena.
3. Bring a book with you everywhere you go And I mean everywhere. The amount of time I waste on my phone when I forget to take a book out with me is something of which I'm not at all proud. Reading a book is the best way to kill time during your commute, in a doctors waiting room or if you find yourself on your own for a chunk of time during the day.
4. Join a book club This isn't something I have done or am doing, but I have always wanted to! Based off the experience of studying English at University, it helps having a set time limit to complete a novel. In addition, knowing you'll be discussing a book will motivate a deeper engagement with the text.
5. Read Seasonally. What I mean by this is, pick up titles that set the tone for the coming season. Our anticipation for what the change in seasons will bring can be encouraged by the books we read. Christmas is an obvious example: maybe you'll feel inspired to get out some classic Christmas tales and snuggle up on the couch. For Spring, you may find yourself reaching for something light-hearted and nostalgic such as The Secret Garden. 

Do you have any tips or advice? Feel free to leave your thoughts and opinions below. 
Image credit: Jo Rodgers 

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