Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Wonderful Wednesday 07

The past week hasn't been the greatest if I'm going to be perfectly honest. Sometimes you've just got to accept that some weeks will be better than others, and things wont be bad forever. Despite this, there were a number of little moments that put a smile on my face.

Here are some wonderful things...
Pho with a friend On Thursday I went to Leederville for coffee and Pho. It was my first time eating Pho and it was delicious! A Vietnamese noodle dish, it had such a clean taste with a bit of kick from the chili. The place we went to was just generally the cutest and I was particularly smitten with the tea pot and cups that the green tea was served in.

Spontaneous night trips to Fremantle My shifts have increased the past week meaning I don't have as much time in between for leisure. I usually come home just wanting to sleep! But, ever the adventurer, I notice when that I feel a lot happier when I make the effort to go out, even if it's just somewhere local in the evening. Walking along the cafe strip and near the harbour in Fremantle is one of the most relaxing activities after a day at work.

Re-visiting Fremantle Arts Centre As a final outing with a friend before she set off to Asia for a month, I met up for coffee on one of my days off and made another visit to FAC. I feel like I have mentioned this place far too many times to count (including in a recent #localloves post) but I really do love it so much!

Reading Womankind on my commute I finally got my hands on the latest issue and all I can say is that it makes the journey to work so much more bearable. This magazine never lets me down!

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