Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Wonderful Wednesday 04

Phew, what a busy week it has been. My shifts have picked up which I'm really happy about but also, the weekend was filled to the brim with general loveliness.

Here are some wonderful things from a wonderful week...

Volunteering at Artist Open House Fremantle. This is my absolute favourite arts/cultural event in Perth. AOHF is a three day event which sees homeowners open up their space to local artists so they can exhibit their work to the public. Taking place in Fremantle, the event is a walking trail consisting six houses and over 24 talented artists. It's an especially exciting event for devoted art collectors, but also for art enthusiasts like myself. I always walk away from the event feeling incredibly inspired by the art but am also left in a daydream state envisaging my ideal home. It was so rewarding knowing that I could help out for an initiative which gives exposure to some outstanding artists.

Spending time with my pal from London and attending the festival of light. As I mentioned in last week's 'Wonderful Wednesday' post, a good friend of mine who I met in London recently moved to Perth. She also volunteered at AOHF so we had plenty of time to catch up and chat. On Sunday evening, we went to the Festival of Light in Joondalup. Her being really big into art and photography, she always motivates me to get out there, see more and see differently. Our adventures together are never ordinary!

Pizza and mini golf with friends. I had a much needed catch up with two friends on Saturday evening over delicious pizza. We then attended the launch of a contemporary exhibition located in an abandoned basement. It was unlike any exhibition I have been to as it combined mini golf and art. We spent what felt like hours playing the 19 holes of mini golf and having a general riot of a time.

Delicious cheese toasties and coffee on my break. For the whole month of November, Yelp Perth has partnered with a number of cafes and restaurants to offer freebies upon check in. One of my favourite city haunts, Toastface Grillah, offered a free coffee with a toastie, which was just what I needed to break up a long shift and revive me for the rest of the day.

A catch up over coffee. Another friend of mine recently returned from a trip overseas so we caught up in the city for a quality cup of coffee in the stunning Treasury Building.

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