Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Wonderful Wednsday 02

It feel like I was just typing up last week's Wonderful Wednesday post and now here I am once more! In just a week, the weather has gone from strength to strength, elevating my mood. One downside though is hay fever...but I think it's a worthwhile trade off for sunny skies.

Here are some other things that I have been grateful for:

Coffee with mum at our new local. We recently discovered an absolutely gorgeous cafe and florist all in the one space. The owners are such genuine and beautiful people that we always feel welcome the minute we walk through the door. Coffee always lifts my spirits and I'm now also becoming a firm believer that flowers have the power to boost my mood almost instantaneously. They always make me smile!

Attending two 21st birthdays. As it always seems to go, I had two events to attend on the one night, but as a result I got to catch up with so many people from way, way back. It's so interesting finding out what people have been up to, but more so reassuring to know we're all in the same boat as we decide what to do after our studies finish up. It put me at ease knowing we all have each others back and there's support there when it's needed. Aside from that, eating good food, drinking rosé and reminiscing about school days is always fun.

Attending my first Xtend Barre Class. I have been itching to form some sort of exercise routine for a while now. I'm not very knowledgeable about fitness at all, but I knew that running and the gym were out of question as I've tried them before and I loathed it. I decided on Xtend Barre as I used to do jazz and tap in the past and I realised I enjoyed the 'dance workout' the most. Xtend Barre is a little different though, as it focuses on simple but effective movements (mostly drawing on the basics of ballet) that improve overall strength. I was saturated with sweat and the class was no easy feat, but by the end, I was feeling that wonderful sense of invigoration you gain after exercising. I'm really hoping to continue on with classes and can't wait to see what positive improvements it will make on my overall health and fitness.

Doing my first trial shift at Kikki K It was so exciting being on the floor and getting 'back into the game' so to speak. There are so many lovely products I'm going to find it quite difficult not to spend all my earnings on new diaries, pens and cute home ware bits!

Blogging. I feel like I'm really getting my mojo back and I've never had so many ideas nor the motivation to write as I do now! I mentioned on my twitter that I have been contemplating doing blogmas this year and I'm now determined to see it through. I think it will be a rewarding challenge!

Writing in my journal. I've never been a particularly consistent with my journaling, but I'd like to change that. Lately, I have had so many thoughts swirling around in my head and keeping me up late at night. Once I started writing these things down, I noticed a considerable improvement in my stress levels. I've also been inspired to give bullet journaling a go and have so far found it has done wonders to spike my motivation and general well-being.

What have you been grateful for?

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