Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Wonderful Wednesday 01

Gratitude posts, specifically of the 'Wonderful Wednesday' kind, are some of my favourite posts to read. I'm a big advocate of the practice of gratitude, whether you're feeling happy or feeling down, it always does a bit of good to take some time to reflect on the things you're grateful for, however big or small they may be. In saying that though, I probably don't practice gratitude enough. So, after Linsey's latest post, I thought I would join the Wonderful Wednesday crew in the hopes I will cultivate a positive habit.

The days getting sunnier and longer. I have never been the biggest fan of summer, but after what has felt like a particularly long and wet winter, I'm welcoming the gorgeous mid 20 degree days and intend to soak it all up before summer comes around and temperatures go beyond 35 degrees! I'm especially loving seeing my favourite flower, Geraldton wax, in bloom around my neighbourhood.

Following on from this, I am over the moon to be able to drink iced coffee again! That isn't to say iced coffee can't be enjoyed any time of the year, but it becomes so much more refreshing during the hotter months. I enjoy my iced coffee with one shot, soy milk, a dash of honey and ice. Mmm absolute heaven!

I got a job! Okay, so it may not be the lucrative publicist/public relations position I have been so ruthlessly chasing, but it is with a company I adore (Kikki K) and with people who are absolutely wonderful! I'm so excited to be earning again and looking forward to the return of a routine. I never realised how much I love working until I wasn't. I'm content that having this position will help me save but also spoil myself on occasion, all the while allowing me to continue my *entry level* job related search with a little bit more optimism.

I caught up with a group of my good friends at 'Oktoberfest'. In celebration of a friend's 21st, we all head up to the Swan Valley to attend one of Perth's replica events of the festival at a brewery. Funnily enough, it never crossed our minds that we could dress up for the event, so we were among the very few attendees who weren't kitted up in dirndls. Nonetheless, we had such a good time drinking beer (cider in my case), eating pretzels and just generally catching up.

What have you been grateful for lately?

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