Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Small Business Saturday x #localloves | Stackwood

For as long as I've had this blog (and others in the past), it only recently struck me how little the content I produce is related to my home city and specifically, the small businesses that make it unique. As much of a wanderluster I am, I still very much adore where I live, and I feel like Perth and the small, dedicated business owners here deserve a bit of time in the spotlight.

Perth has really come into it's own over the past few years. It's hard to keep up with all the new businesses, cafes and cultural projects that continue to pop up. As a result, the city has become such a vibrant place. Although some may harp on about how much infinitely better places over east are in comparison, I think we've got it pretty good here. After being invited by Fundera to take the pledge for Small Business Saturday on the 26 November, I felt inspired to write about a favourite small business of mine. Despite the fact that 'Small Business Saturday' is a U.S based initiative, as an advocate for shopping local, I was only too happy to spread the word. It also sparked what will hopefully become a recurring feature on Windswept Wishes: #localloves. These posts will see me explore the places that I love most about Perth, Western Australia.

Stackwood is an incredible example of a thriving small business that sets itself apart from retail chains. The owners love what they do and do everything they can to showcase and support local talent and their livelihoods. Located in suburban Fremantle, this creative venue/concept store/cafe is indicative of the city of Fremantle's creative spirit. With a mission to 'encourage a more wholesome way of living', Stackwood is a community oriented space which regularly hosts workshops, holds markets and food swaps and celebrates local producers, makers and service providers through their concept store. The warehouse is sure to get the creative juices flowing as the space looks like those you may find on Pinterest.

Stacked cafe is also one of my favourite places to swing by for a perfect cup of coffee. Their intentions to support local businesses also extends to the food on the counter (such as freshly baked donuts by glazed and confused) and the beans in their grinder (Pound).

Over the numerous times I have visited Stackwood, it has always been well patronized by locals. That, my friends, is a telling sign as any that you know you're onto something good.

Store opening hours are Tuesday-Sunday. Cafe opening hours are Wednesday-Sunday. Find out more here

To celebrate Small Business Saturday, I encourage any U.S readers (and anyone for that matter!) to get out there and explore your local area and support a local small business especially over the festive season.

*Disclaimer: I was not paid by Fundera to publish this post. Desire to take part and 'Take the Pledge' was inspired by my sincere love and passion for local initiatives and businesses.

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