Friday, April 10, 2015

Tiny Tales from Paris #4: Du Pain et des Idées

"I'm going to make you bread like you've never seen before, and in this bread there will be love and friendship"

Such are the words of Christophe Vasseur, the baker behind Paris' best bakery, Du Pain et des Idées. At thirty years of age, he decided to leave his job as a sales executive in the fashion industry behind in order to pursue a career as a baker. His ambitions were no minor feat; wishing to not just be an 'ordinary baker', he strove to be a 'one of the kind' by practicing time-honored and traditional techniques in order to ensure all his baked goods are a standard of quality to the highest degree. He has certainly excelled in his aim, and today, Du Pain et Des Idées continues to be one of the most loved boulangeries in Paris. 

I knew that I couldn't possibly miss a trip to this stunning bakery while in Paris, and had I been able to stay longer, I just know I would have soon become a regular visitor. Stepping into the tiny bakery filled with patrons, my senses were treated to the deliciously warm and heady aroma of freshly baked bread, yeast and sugar. Words really cant accurately describe just how heavenly this sensation is! You really must experience it for yourself.

I was also amazed by the stunning majestic interior. The bakery building itself dates back to 1889, and as Christophe states on the bakery website, has the ability to transport you a century back in time. The whole experience had me feeling nostalgic for a past that didn't even exist in my lifetime; for when 'simple' things such as bread were made properly.

I wholeheartedly admire Christophe's vision and his 'aim to show that [his] profession is amongst the most beautiful in the wold'. The sheer, unadulterated happiness that I experienced from walking away with a loaf of Pain des Amis and other added goodies, nibbling on pieces while strolling the streets, should not be underrated. It is one of the simplest kinds of magic that exists in this world.

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Jenni said...

Ahh. This looks magical. I just came back from a trip to Paris and I already miss those breads and pastries!


Carina Maree said...

I miss then terribly too!

Thank you for stopping by :) xx

Mimmi said...

I went to Du Pain et Des Idées when I was in Paris a little over a year ago and I loved it. It's such a magical place, and their pastries are amazing!

xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

Chontelle Louise said...

This post makes me feel so nostalgic for Paris - I wish I could live there! Lovely photography, and it's nice to see a fellow Aussie in the blogosphere!

check out my blog if you like <3 x

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