Thursday, March 12, 2015

Magazine of the Moment: Oh Comely

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Oh Comely Issue 23: The Great Indoors
I don't consider myself to be a frequent magazine reader and I don't subscribe to any publications. However, I do hold a high appreciation of a good magazine when I come across one. Now, what I define as a 'good' magazine is a number of things, but namely, I look out for ones that have a lasting shelf life, unlike gossip magazines that can be flipped through in a matter of seconds. To me, a magazine excels itself if I feel like the content never fails to inspire even on the second, third or fourth reading. I particularly enjoy magazines that focus on the lives of ordinary people, but through their stories, you are able to discover just how extraordinary the 'mundane' really can be. The first publication of this sort that I came across was Frankie magazine, and from there, I found myself craving other intelligent magazines that bring depth and hope in a media landscape largely dominated by stories and images of doom and gloom.  

So, due to my love of finely crafted, well thought out and well put together magazines, I decided to begin what I hope will be a series of posts where I will discuss a magazine that I have recently discovered and enjoyed reading. Hopefully I can provoke some awareness to the inspiring material that is available.

The first installment of Magazine of the Moment is Oh Comely. Oh Comely describes itself as 'a lifestyle magazine with life...a magazine that makes people smile, full of quiet moments and stories'. It is quite a well-known magazine, but despite this, I have had trouble getting my hands on a copy in the past, at least locally. However, I was finally able to get my mitts on an issue during my recent trip overseas. It wasn't until I returned home again that I was able to read it in full, and I discovered that Oh Comely is everything it claims to be.

The theme of my issue, issue twenty-three, was The Great Indoors. Having come home from the aforementioned trip, a whirlwind one at that, I found it hard getting back into the everyday routine of work, study, and university. I still reminisce every single day and wish to be back travelling. But Oh Comely reminded me that so much comfort and excitement can be found just within the home life; the simple things, if you will. Short stories about memories of home are both poignant and nostalgic and touching in their simplicity, in their description of distinct sights, smells, feelings and atmosphere. An article, in the form of a recipe, titled 'a nearly impossible meal' made me remember once more how much fun adventures in the kitchen can be, despite how messy or complicated they can get. Another article about a literary journal, which receives handwritten letters from authors all over the world, was inspiring and served as an important reminder of the power of the written word. Then there are interviews with artists, musicians and actors as well as the everyday person, with each interview taking an interest in the inner life of the interviewee, their passion and their craft. A personal favourite of mine was a story about a grandmother who loves pot plants, and her granddaughter, a photographer, who keeps track of her story. After reading Oh Comely from front to back, I could tell that it is a magazine that I will keep reaching for over the coming weeks, months and years. It is a lighthearted but also insightful read that is best enjoyed when you have time to yourself. Reading it, I was able to refresh, rejuvenate and reevaluate the little things that matter the most.
Jenny J said...

I love magazines and not enough people talk about them, so I can't wait to read more of these posts. I want to try Oh Comely as I do see it around a lot, I shall have a hunt for a UK website that sells it :) x

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