Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Link Love: Some Inspiring Things Around the Web #1

A few things that have made me smile this month.
Hot Cross Bun Easter Inspirations from Around the Web: With Easter right around the corner, this mini master-post of delicious Hot Cross Bun Recipes will surely come in handy.
9 Beautifully Quirky Foreign Words That We're Jealous We Can't Say In English: I always love coming across foreign words and phrases which have no English equivalent. I can relate to the above especially...

The Art of Authenticity: A Conversation with PostSecret's Frank Warren: Over the years, I've frequented the PostSecret website on and off, and I am always amazed by the project. It's heartwarming to know that there is still an appreciation and recognised need for the art of hand written letters and snail mail.
The Postcards that Picasso Illustrated and Sent to Jean Cocteau, Apollinaire and Gertrude Stein: Speaking of snail mail, you can't help but wish you could receive postcards from Picasso if he were still alive.
Artist Ren Ri Collaborates with Bees to Create Sculptural Honeycomb Maps: As with most of my artistic discoveries, I found out about Ren Ri via tumblr and have been fascinated with his most recent work, titled "Yuansu Projects" since.
Nicole said...

How amazing is that honeycomb!? xx


Carina Maree said...

Ahh I know right? I would love to see Ren Ri's works in real life.

Thank you for dropping by :) xx

Katie Scherpf said...

I LOVE PostSecret! We currently have a PostSecret board at my school and it's so interesting to read. I'm going to hop over and read that Frank Warren article now :)


Carina Maree said...

Oh wow, that's such a great incentive! I wish my school had of done something like that.

I hope you enjoyed the article :) xx

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