Wednesday, April 12, 2017

= Podcast Picks vol. 2 =

Since my last podcast post, in which I professed my absolute adoration for the medium, my love for them is yet to peak. The more I find, the more I crave. You can probably imagine my utter glee when I discovered Australian Audio Guide: a self-described 'hand-picked companion to the best Australian audio content' (I wholeheartedly agree). These days, you will find me lurking in the 'Arts and Culture' and 'Food' section, aka the two loves of my life. 

There have been three podcasts that I have been really loving at the moment, so I thought I would share them with you. If your interests also fall within the topics of the arts, feminism, literature and food, then give these a listen on your next commute. You wont regret it!

'A podcast about women's experience as creators and consumers of arts and culture'
There have only been four episodes so far in this series (and at present, I have only tuned in to two) but it has already become one of my favourites. Each episode consists a long form conversation with a prominent female writer or artist in their field and discusses their work, how they shaped their career and musings about the experiences of gender in creative industries. It was the first episode which really drew me in: featuring Baily's Women's Prize winning author Hannah Kent for her debut novel, Burial Rites, I was enraptured by this brilliant woman's intellect and her journey thus far as a successful writer. The second episode I listened to, featuring program manager for the Melbourne Writers Festival Jessica Alice, was equally engaging. As someone who is deeply appreciative of the arts and the women who have made their mark in the industry, this podcast inspires me in a multitude of ways. That is, it inspires me to continue to support the arts and continue to chase after my own dreams, even despite the fact that they are in such a competitive field.

'An experimental podcast of little bundles of love'
This is such a sweet podcast founded by such a simple idea: the reading of letters. In each episode, the host Elizabeth reads out a letter that either she herself or a listener wrote. While short, these podcasts do not shy away from addressing love, loss and longing. Elizabeth's voice is so soothing that listening becomes a wholly immersive experience. There is a distinct profundity that even when whispered or spoken softly, the effect isn't any less heart wrenching. This would make for perfect rainy day listening.

 'A factual food fight'
You wouldn't think there would be much to know about an ingredient such as mayonnaise, but it's outstanding how much I learned after turning into Ingredipedia's first podcast. Each episode of this food focused series delve into the interesting stories, facts and sometimes wacky recipe ideas behind a featured ingredient. While you may initially be mistaken into thinking such an idea is pedestrian (I mean, who would be interested in your everyday, run of the mill pantry products, right?) this podcast is so enjoyable thanks to the highly engaging co-hosts. Let's just say I'll never think the same way about mayonnaise, figs or cherries again!

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