Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Book Break | Strange Weather in Tokyo by Hiromi Kawakami

“Would you like to consider a relationship with me, based on a premise of love?”

This is a book about the passing of seasons and a friendship which blossoms into an unexpected yet touching romantic relationship. It is a celebration of food - tofu, miso, edame, sake and mushroom hunting in the autumn - and the frequent habits formed in a local bar that shape something bigger and more beautiful. It is about two lonely souls who find themselves in the other person.

Strange Weather in Tokyo is an effortless and understated read. Yet, it is so tender and so poignant. Reading it felt almost cinematic - with each chapter, a quiet scene unfolds, made delightfully atmospheric through glimpses into Japanese cuisine, culture, landscape and literature in the form of Haiku. 

This is a book which oscillates between sweetness and sadness. It is a dream yet it is all too real. It is a meditation on love and loneliness. It is comforting and heartbreaking, and it will linger with you.

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