Thursday, December 3, 2015

Tiny Tales from Sydney #2: Shelley Beach, Manly

Manly NSW, Australia
A trip to Manly initially wasn't on the cards, but we decided to take the fifteen minute voyage one afternoon. We stayed for a total of about three hours. I wish it could have been more. The beach side suburb is full of life with tourists and Sydneysiders both young and old found lying on the shore or eating ice-cream on the boulevard. But there was one place in particular that cast me under a certain spell. A short walk along the mesmerizing coast leads to Shelly Beach, the closest thing to a tropical oasis that I have been lucky enough to visit. Home to a large variety of marine life, Shelley is  popular with Scuba Divers and Snorkelers, but is just as populated with holiday makers and locals. It is the perfect sheltered spot with stunning blue waters and white as white can be sand. Beneath the shade of palm trees and the faint smell of salty sea in air, it felt like nothing could be more perfect in that moment. This is the place that turned me into an enthusiastic beach person. Never have I fallen so in love with the sea so fiercely as I did that perfect Spring day.

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