Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Things I did in 2015

As I reflect on the year passed, I can't shake the fact that 2015 was the year that saw me grow more than ever before. It's crazy to think that this time last year I was living it up in Paris. I brought in the New Year in the most exciting way possible by being in a foreign city, dancing until the early hours with fellow wandering hearts and marveling at the city of lights while stumbling back to the hostel at 3am. The trip set in motion the promise of a fantastic year and it made me realise that it's my thoughts and actions that determine a fulfilling year. I learnt that I have so much to gain by pushing myself and working hard. Not just dreaming, but doing and approaching my fears full on.

I am so grateful for this year and the experiences it presented. After reading an article in the recent Frankie titled 'What I Did This Year', I felt inspired to create my own list, which ranges from brilliant to somewhat banal. All are moments I cherish dearly. It seemed a fitting way to wave off 2015 but also serves as a reminder for the coming new year that exciting things are on the long as I am willing to embrace everything that comes my way and seek out experiences that make me feel most alive. 

1. Went solo traveling for the first time 2. Discovered Paris was everything I dreamed it would be and more 3. Lived with a host family in Vichy and attended an intensive language school 4. Dabbled in freelance work for the first time 5. Bid adieu to my teen years 6.  Got a new job 7. Had a non-fiction piece published in an anthology 8. Went to Sydney to attend the launch of said anthology 9. Veered outside of my comfort zone multiple times, including attending a dinner with seven strangers 10. Made a film for one of my communications units 11. Achieved my highest ever grade of 87% for a unit 12. Visited relatives in the Netherlands, some of whom I’ve never met before 13. Read a decent amount of books of a diverse range of genres 14. Saw One Direction and Sam Smith live (the former being one of the most amazing experiences of my life!) 15. Developed quite an obsession for independent magazines, discovering a number of excellent publications such as Oh Comely and Womankind 16. Probably spent an obscene amount of my hard earned money on brunch and coffee 17. Became more confident in myself than ever before 18. Took part in the Oh Comely perfect strangers package swap 19. Saw many peers and friends graduate and began to feel both excited and nervous knowing that I will be in their position in just over 6 months… 20. Enjoyed every moment of the year, the challenges and the triumphs. 

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