Thursday, June 11, 2015

Oh the Places I Want to Go

 Now that I have finished University for the semester, my daydreaming about travel has skyrocketed, especially now that I have been picking up more shifts at work. (Something's got to keep you motivated over those long work days after all!)

At this point in time, I have general plans to set off again during June 2016, after I would have officially completed my undergraduate studies. While I am eager to pursue postgraduate honors in English, I can't bear the thought of diving straight into another year right after I graduate from my bachelor degree. While I can't quite fathom the idea that I will be turning 21 next year, at the same time I still feel so young, so I may as well travel while I can! In the long run, I doubt that taking time off for six months will set me back.

There are so many places I am dying to visit, but I had to be realistic with my 2016 travel bucket list, due to both funds and time. I want to dedicate adequate amount of time to each country I visit in order to really soak up the culture.

So, below is my list of top 5 places I wish to visit during the European summer of 2016 (not including my highly probable return trip to France, because how could I not?). It's a pretty generalized list, but I'm hoping to narrow everything down over the coming months.

1.The Netherlands
I took a very short weekend trip to the Netherlands while I was in Paris at the beginning of the year, and I vowed to return, not only to see more of the countryside and my large extended family there, but to visit Amsterdam too! It looks stunning this time of year, and alongside that, the Dutch people in general seem so friendly.
2. England
There are so many spots in England that I would love to visit, London being the obvious one, but also the Lake District, Oxford, Brighton and Bath to name a few. My sister recently returned from a school trip which included a few days in London, and she said it was beyond her expectations (she would move there in a heartbeat), so now I'm even more eager to go.
3. Austria
 When I was little, I wrote a very whimsical story about a girl's trip to Austria that ended with her attending a masquerade ball. Evidently, something about the country has always enchanted me: from the gorgeous lakes to the artistic vibrancy of Vienna (and of course, those Viennese pastries look heavenly!)
4. Germany

I'm lucky enough to also have a cousin living in Germany, and he's always encouraged me to make a visit there sometime. I'm certainly not inclined to waste the opportunity! I know Munich and Berlin are very popular tourists spots which I very much intend to visit, but I would also like to give mountain hiking a go. From what I've seen of my cousins photos, German forests look a dream.
5. Sweden
While I'm not so knowledgeable about Scandinavian countries, from what I've seen, they look absolutely stunning! I feel like I'd be crazy not to pop over to Sweden over the course of future travels.  

Where do you wish to go?
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Stephanie Eva said...

I can imagine your "wanderlust" is in high gear now!! I have been feeling like this too, lately. I'm from the Netherlands (now living in the US) and I'm so happy to see it's on your list. A lot of people think NL is all about the red-light district and weed, but it's such a beautiful country beyond that. Cheese markets, tulips, THE FOOD!!! I enjoy the summer, but fall and winter are fun too. There is something about the rainy city that just makes me feel "alive"... I'm actually going back to visit my family in October '15.. Can't wait now!!

Much LOVE!!
-Stephanie Eva

Sarah DeBoice said...

Great list! I have been to most of these beautiful places and London still stands out among them. It really is even more fantastic than you can imagine. :)

Josie Spicer said...

Iceland is my #2 place I want to visit - Chile being my #1! My in-laws lived in Chile (before I knew them) and they said the culture is great - but there is such climate diversity too!

Carina Maree said...

There's certainly so much beauty there, I saw my first snow in the forest which was gorgeous! And the cheese...oh my. My relatives actually gave me a kaas schlaaf as a souvenir :)

That's so lovely! I hope you enjoy the trip


Stephanie Eva said...

Haha!!! Those come in very handy ;) ;) I have two, and my mom has countless. Unfortunately in the US they don't sell cheese the same way (95% of the time) so the schaaf's get dusty!

Carina Maree said...

I remember loving your post on London and being day dreamy about visiting :)

Carina Maree said...

I'd love to visit Iceland too! Oh and Chile looks like a fascinating place! I hope you'll get to visit one day :)

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