Friday, September 9, 2016

Tiny Tales from: Berlin

We woke up and had pastries for breakfast accompanied by freshly squeezed juice and walnuts. It was the only properly hot and sunny day of the three day trip and we weren't about to waste a minute of it inside.

We wandered alongside the Berlin wall and pounded hot pavement of the graffiti streets in East Berlin, a Radler in hand to both keep us cool and keep spirits even higher than they already were.

We spent an hour paddle boating along the River Spree, the sunlight kissing our bare arms, followed by walks in the forest and a meze lunch with the best baklava I've ever had. I was overcome by the specific feeling of europia and sleepiness. I never wanted the day to end.

I fell under the spell of the city with so much character, grime and an ever-present, unshakable haunting of a history that can't be forgotten or left behind amidst such a truly captivating cultural landscape.

It was a day that now feels like a dream.

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