Monday, November 4, 2013

Superstar Waffles

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Whenever I take my friends out somewhere new, they are always amazed by my 'unique' cafe finds. To this reaction I respond with equal amazement that they had never heard of, let alone visited, a given establishment before. Living in Perth, I often hear peers of my age moan about the lack of things to do; I admit, I often daydream about travelling, of experiencing new things. But I am equally a very strong believer in seeking out those hidden spots where you live, and it is the domain of cafe culture that I place most of my energy into researching. I realized long ago that the most worthwhile pursuits must be earn't through having a positive attitude and a willingness to seek out new ventures.

This particular lane way cafe, Superstar Waffles, had been on my mental list of cafes to visit for quite some time. So when an impromptu meeting arose with a friend of mine, we decided that it would most definitely have to be the next place to check out. Being the eager people we are, we arrived a little too early before the 1pm opening time, so we decided to whittle away some time sipping iced tea in one of our favourite Northbridge haunts of 2013, Tea for Tu (which I am keen to post about sometime).

After about an hour, we headed back to Superstar Waffles, anticipating a good feast. The extensive menu had us umming and ahing for a while; with flavours such as Bannoffee, Berrylicious, Peanut Butter Mousse and more, it seemed impossible to chose. I decided to try the S'more Waffle, and my friend chose the Chocolate Peanut waffle.

The photos tell you all you need to know, really- the presentation is simple yet stylish, the toppings and extras generous, while not going overboard. This experience marked my first time trying marshmallow fluff, something I have been intrigued about for some time, but unaware that it could be bought anywhere near to where I live. I thoroughly enjoyed it, despite creating a bit of a sticky mess (but that's part of the fun!) It is also definitely something you wouldn't want to eat on a full stomach, as it is quite sweet. As for the waffles themselves, I can confirm that they were pure perfection; crisp and buttery on the outside and springy and soft inside. What more could you want?

Superstar Waffles has now earned a secure spot on my list of favourites, and I will, without a doubt, be returning to try some other flavours over the upcoming summer break.


  1. Those waffles look amazing! Perfect for this wintry cold!

  2. Those waffles look superb! I was just thinking today that I wished there was a Waffle House nearby where I live, sadly not. These look absolutely delicious!

    Danielle x
    The Cocktail Composition

  3. S'mores waffles?! I die!

  4. OMG!!!!! My stomach is growling, GROWLING!!!
    I love finding new and unique places to eat, it's one of my favorite things :D

  5. They sound delicious! Such an original idea I've never heard of that before but I must try them immediately!

  6. I'm craving for one of those now

  7. Oh gee they sound delicious! I wouldn't mind nibbling on the smore waffle and I will have to keep an eye out for marshmallow 'fluff' spread! I had no idea that even existed, but maybe that is a good thing... haha